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Database Design is a very integral part of any web based application and for the most part any website.

If you have a poor design your data retrieval will be much slower and the integrity can take a downward turn. You must also have a good backup and recovery program in place to insure the stability of your investment.

Security is also a very important portion of any database. We adhere to all recommended and slightly recommended procedures to insure your data is secure and not accessible to anyone who should not view it.

Let our experts use their skills to manage your data correctly and securely.

Data Conversion Services

Data conversions can be a long and protracted process which consumes large chunks of your companies precious time and resources. At we understand this and our data conversion services provide a welcome relief from the otherwise stressful data conversion process. Data conversions are very specific by nature but we have listed some samples of previous work we have undertaken below;

  • Import Users, Groups and Organisational Units (OU’s) from your companies active directory into your business system.

  • Import data from legacy DOS based systems etc.

  • Summarise data from multiple systems into one high level Management Information System (MIS)

  • Read information from “flat” file structures into Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), e.g MySQl MS SQL Server 2000.

We provide solutions in a wide range of programming languages, please contact us for more information.

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