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Ask yourself does your website truly work for your business?

Let's face it. Who doesn't use the internet these days?

Australia is one of the highest users of the internet in the world with some 85% of homes having a computer. From booking flights, finding holidays, shopping, checking out the movies, researching stories, on-line magazines or even looking up a street address, the internet is a vital part of our daily lives.

So if you are in business, it is a well established fact that your website must be pro-active and not just an on-line brochure. However there can be many traps and many pitfalls, so getting the right solution, first time, is critical in getting good business through this valuable tool.

So with so many Internet companies out there, what is the solution?

OnTime Internet Solutions.

With a team of vastly experienced personnel in all avenues of internet technology, including design, copy, lead generation, and search engine optimization, we understand the true purpose of what a website needs to do for your business, and we know how to do it. Properly and cost effectively.

OnTime Internet Solutions will Insert a website and system for your business that is not only easy to use and update, but also provide effective and productive results for your business.

And best of all, we are on time every time! We guarantee it.


 "Statistics show that a prospective customer will, on average, visit a site seven times, before choosing to buy. However, is this because most sites (on average) are not pro-active enough, poorly designed or not utilised properly by the business? "

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